[RNR is] excellence in the face of incompetence.


You guys are good.

Prince Paul


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    RNR (Rhyme N Rhythm) is currently working on three projects. Growing Pains, due in August 2014, is a 5 song EP featuring material that shows their evolution as a band and their drive to push their careers to the next level. Love or Something Along Those Lines, due in February 2015, is their second full length album.  The sophomore album from RNR, a concept album dealing with all aspects of love, is their most ambitious yet.  The third project due in Spring 2015, currently untitled, is a 5 song EP being recorded at Vegas View Recording Studios with Bobby Ferarri.  The EP features 5 tracks specifically recorded with high end production value with the radio in mind.

    RNR, formed in late 2007, is a Hip Hop band best described as a cross between the Roots, De La Soul, and Jurassic 5.  In true Hip Hop fashion, RNR pulls from all genres of music, not limiting themselves to the traditional boom-bap of old or the trap music confines currently prevalent on the radio. Known for their energetic live shows, RNR has played up and down the Las Vegas Strip at all of the major music venues, either as a headliner or opening for a variety of high profile artists.  RNR is currently focused on expanding their reach, having played a majority of the iconic venues on the Sunset Strip in LA, as well as touring California, Arizona, and Colorado.

    The origin of RNR is a series of fortunate events that brought these talented musicians together to form like Voltron into one of the premiere bands in Las Vegas.  Having UNLV as members of the Delta Chi Fraternity, Dubtronic (Alaska) and Freddy Tiff (Las Vegas) began their musical paths freestyling at parties.  This eventually lead to several cult underground mixtapes known as the “2 for 5 Ham Sandwiches” series.  Auno (Fresno/Chicago), a friend and associate of Producer Paulson Burner, eventually linked up as a founding member of the trio eL.Ay.Be.  Bob Cane (Louisiana), also an associate of Paulson, visited Las Vegas to record tracks for a new album.  While in the studio, he heard several new tracks from eL.Ay.Be. Hooked on the sound he immediately laid down verses, pushing the lyricism to new heights.  Shortly thereafter eL.Ay.Be was booked to perform at UNLV’s Rebelpalooza, featuring acts such as Three 6 Mafia, Ghostface Killah, and Bone thugs in Harmony.  Bob Cane flew back to Colorado, packed up his things, and returned to Las Vegas to perform with his newly found brothers, making Las Vegas his home.  To spice up the live show, the eL.Ay.Be reached out to Tadow (drums), also a member of the Delta Chi fraternity, and Mappala (guitar), a fellow Alaskan living in Las Vegas, and the eL.Ay.Be’s DJ Xsettra.  Tadow originally came to UNLV on a band scholarship, taking classes as part of the Jazz program.  Tadow experienced early success as one of the founding members of ForTwentyDaze, a Las Vegas based Reggae band.  However, Dubtronic and Tadow had often talked of forming a Hip Hop Band, and with the smashing success of the Rebelpalooza performance, the dream started to come to fruition.  Auno reached out to CoCo Jenkins (Philippines), an accomplished cellist in UNLV’s jazz program and aspiring bass player, as they were both members of the Hot 97.5 street team.  CoCo Jenkins recruited her good friend in the UNLV jazz program, Rook Genre (Chicago), a brilliant musician who’s weapon of choice was the piano.  With the collection of these 9 members, RNR was born.  Over the years, life situations have occured, but the core of RNR remains, four emcees (Bob Cane, Dubtronic, Auno, and Freddy Tiff), drums (Tadow), Bass (CoCo Jenkins), and Keys (Rook Genre).

    In the early days of RNR, their hunger was evident, as they took the Las Vegas music scene by storm.  Often playing up to 5 shows a week, RNR quickly logged over 100 shows.  It was a precarious time for the Las Vegas music scene. Sheriff Bill Young had effectively declared war on Hip Hop.  He requested that all Strip venues not book “Rap” acts and raised the costs and requirements of doing so to unprecedented levels.  RNR, undaunted, continued to chip away at the misguided preconceived ideas as to what Hip Hop is as a genre.  Continually booking shows in downtown Las Vegas and across the valley with large crowds and no reports of violence, lead them to several major gigs opening for Snoop Dogg, LL Cool J, and TI.  The persistence of RNR and the undeniable appeal of their music has opened the doors for many local Vegas hip hop artists.  RNR continues to reach for new heights, and is determined to help their city, supporters, and fellow musicians by doing so.

    RNR has recently released music videos for Mighty Men, Sitting on the Porch, and Life of the Party.  With the upcoming releases of their three new projects, expect many more visuals to come!


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